Man in a mental training for climbers course in Etxauri, Spain

We work with guide and sports psychologist David Villegas. Besides being a qualified mountain guide and coach, David trained with and is qualified in the techniques of Arno Ilger, author of the ‘Warriors Way’ approach to climbing and metal training. Arno’s revolutionary work applied eastern philosophy to extreme sports in order to increase awareness of ourselves, our motivations, inner dialogue and how we face challenge.

“Poor use of attention creates fear, which can manifest itself in anything from performance anxiety to sheer terror. By using attention more purposefully we can understand how fear is created, deal with it effectively, and free ourselves to get back in touch with a far more powerful motivating force: our love of climbing. We can then create the kind of unbending intention that leads to an outstanding performance. The rock warrior’s way is a revolutionary programme for climbers who want to improve their performance and their enjoyment of climbing.”

Arno Ilgner, The rock warrior’s way

Arno Ilgner and David Villegas offer mental training for climbers
Climber in a mental training for climbers course in Etxauri

Over three days instruction with David you will:

  • improve body and mind awareness
  • improve breathing
  • develop fluid and impulsive movement
  • deal with the stress of climbing
  • commit more deliberately
  • fall safely and dynamically
  • evaluate the risks efficiently
  • distinguish between zones where you can and cannot fall
  • take appropriate decisions in the face of risk

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